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Inequality's Bright Future

Inequality's Bright Future


COMPTE RENDU - de l'ouvrage de Branko Milanovic, Inégalités mondiales. Le destin des classes moyennes, les ultra-riches et l'égalité des chances. Préface de Thomas Piketty, Ed. La Découverte, fév. 2019 - par Nicolas Delalande (translated by Michael C. Behrent), "Inequality's Bright Future", books & Ideas, 14 nov. 2019. [en ligne]

How much are promises of democratic equality worth when the material situation of the middle and working classes is stagnating or regressing? Through an implacable analysis of global inequalities, Branko Milanovic brings to light the challenges faced by the struggle for social justice in the early twenty-first century.


Nicolas Delalande