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L'activité scientifique

Guido Panvini



(sous la direction de Gerd-Rainer Horn)

Proposal title: The Young Christian Workers Movement and the radicalization of Social Conflict in Mediterranean Europe: France, Italy and Spain (1963-1978)

The Work-Christ project intends to reconstruct the influence of religious radicalisation on the social conflict in Mediterranean European countries, with particular attention paid to the cases in France, Spain and Italy during the sixties and seventies.

I gained a Ph.D. in contemporary history (University of Tuscia, Italy) devoting myself to studying political violence and terrorism in Italy in the sixties and seventies. I focused particularly on the militarization of the political struggle triggered by widespread violence between the extreme right and the extreme left. By undertaking a thorough study of social sciences and historiography and a systematic study of archive sources I reconstructed the practices and the rhetoric of the Neo-Fascist and extra-parliamentary left violence aimed at eliminating political opponents.

In these last years, I have tackled a new issue, studying the relationship between Catholicism and political violence in Italy in the sixties and seventies. I focused on groups, movements, associations and individual representatives of the political and social Catholic world who, referring to Christian theology and the official doctrine of the Catholic Church, legitimized violence as a political instrument.

Dernières publications :

  • Cattolici e violenza politica : l'altro album di famiglia del terrorismo italiano, Venezia : Marsilio , 2014.
  • Ordine nero, guerriglia rossa : la violenza politica nell'Italia degli anni Sessanta e Settanta (1966-1975), Torino : G. Einaudi , 2009.

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