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The History of the Left in Europe: Cultures, Parties, Networks

The goal of this group is to study Western European left-wing political parties, figures, and ideologies, in a tradition of political history and interdisciplinary (interacting with political science and the sociology of organizations).

Our approach is focused on the power relations within and between left-wing organizations and on left-wing constituencies and ideologies. Nevertheless, our ambition is to complete this perspective by dealing with issues of social, cultural, and intellectual history. Social history by the choice of topics traditionally pertaining to this field: unions, cooperatives, the history of labor and of the working class. Cultural history by the study of the lefts' cultures and political sensitivities. Intellectual history by the study of partisan networks, cultural transfers, the development of ideas and of key concepts to the left.

This group will organize 6 to 8 seminars every year, centered on one guest speaker and his or her publications. Its aim is to take note of the latest research on the history of the lefts in Europe. We will organize roundtables on wider topics, around several witnesses or scholars, possibly from different fields. Our approach will be both thematic and historiographical.