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Les fonds d'archives

Presentation Overview

The Contemporary History Archives Service was established in 1971 by the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, and since 1989, it has been attached to the Center for History at Sciences Po. With around 100 archive collections given by political and cultural figures as well as members of the press, the Contemporary History Archives Service collects, classifies, takes inventory of, and passes on to researchers the archive collections which have been entrusted to it.

The archives service offers a reception personalized to each researcher. The reading room can accommodate up to eight people per day. Information on the collections in the form of inventories as well as research tools may be freely accessed by researchers. Likewise, in addition to the archive collections kept at the Center, the Center for History provides university works and reference materials available for consultation.

The boxes needed to consult an archive collection may be gathered d’une semaine sur l’autre. Since the archives are not necessarily kept in close proximity to the reading room, one file a request to consult the archives by filling out the online registration form on the Center's website. In order to prepare for his or her visit, the researcher may consult a detailed description of each archive collection and a summary of their respective inventories; this information is located on the Center's website.

All photo requests much be submitted via email to; the requests must specify the researcher's research themes and objectives.

The move to a paperless cataloguing system and the digitalization of the archive documents will be a priority task starting in 2011.

Requests to consult the archive collections are made via an online registration form and will be considered after authorization.

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