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The Social Life of the Sediment Balance

Journée d’étude


May 29, 2019

09:00 ­– Introduction & Overview

  • Matt Kondolf (UC Berkeley) and Giacomo Parrinello (Sciences Po, CHSP)

09:30 – Comparing the Rhône, the Po and the Ebro: Sediment (dis)continuity and social processes

  • Joana Guerrin (Université de Nîmes, France) — The Rhône
  • Simone Bizzi & Nicola Surian (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) —
  • Sediment flux and management in a highly disturbed fluvial
  • system, the Po River basin

10:30 – Coffee Break

  • Ramon Batalla & Damia Vericat, (Universitat de Lleida, Spain, via Skype) - The Ebro

11:30 – Long-term views: managing sediment in the Euphrates across the ages

  • Faisal Husain (Penn State University, USA) – Sedimentation and Avulsion: A View from the Euphrates River, 1687-1702.
  • Dale Stahl (University of Colorado Denver, USA) – Trapping More than Sand and Water: Dams and Sociopolitical Change in the Tigris-Euphrates.

12:45 – Lunch

14:00 – The Mekong River and its Delta: Social and morphological approaches

  • Céline Pierdet, (Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France) – Dredging in the Mekong River
  • Chris Hackney, (University of Hull, UK) – River bank instability in the Mekong Delta
  • Rafa Schmitt, (UC Berkeley, USA) – Disrupted sediment continuity and the future of the Mekong Delta

16:00 – Coffee Break

16:30 – General discussion

17:30 – Small group work

May 30, 2019

09:00 ­– Mining and sediment: Australia and California

  • Susan Lawrence (La Trobe University, Australia) and James Grove (University of Melbourne, Australia) — Rivers of Gold: A multidisciplinary approach to anthropogenic river change in SE Australia
  • Carrie Monahan (Chico State University) — Legacy of hydraulic mining debris in Sierra Nevada of California

10:30 – Coffee Break

11:00 – Navigable Rivers: Histories of dredging

  • Ashley Carse (Vanderbild University) & Joshua Lewis (Tulane University) — The Ecology and Politics of Navigational Dredging, SE USA
  • Ramya Swayamprakash (Michigan State University) — The Social Life of Sediment Landscapes in the Lower Detroit River

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Social conflicts and justice through sediment

  • Alejandro Camargo (Universidad del Norte - Barranquilla, Colombia) — Fluid lands, rooted conflicts: Sediment and Uncertainty in Northern Colombia
  • Craig Colten (Louisiana State University) — Redirecting sediment and rearranging social justice

15:00 – Small group work on concepts and synthesis

16:30 – Coffee Break

17:00 – Report back and general discussion

18:30 - Dinner


Matt Kondolf (UC Berkeley) and Giacomo Parrinello (Sciences Po,

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