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Histoire de l'Europe, séance 7



Building European Solidarity after the First World War


Patricia CLAVIN (Jesus College Oxford)

The events and decisions of the Paris Peace Conference dominate our understanding of the architecture of international relations and the prospects for European peace and prosperity in the wake of the First World War. It is predominately a history of ‘great’ powers and ‘great’ men. This paper will show how a crisis of what we today would call ‘human security’ in Austria mobilized transnational networks of financiers, economists, biologists, psychologists, rights activists as well as, arguably more conventional, religious and political networks, to aid Austria. Expressed in a language of internationalism, these actors claimed solidarity of different kinds with a people who were recently designated their enemy. The paper will explore what these solidarities comprised and asses the ways in which they shaped Austria’s (re)construction, and the international order forged after the First World War.

Commentaire : Mario DEL PERO (Sciences Po)