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Arts & Societies - Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

Arts & Societies - Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann


Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann, "Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Metamorphoses of Nature reviewed: a Summary", Arts & Societies #106, November 16, 2018

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann has helped to bring Giuseppe Arcimboldo out of the comfort zone wherein critics had treated him as an ahistorical painter. Kaufmann has contributed toward a critical revision of Arcimboldo’s oeuvre as a whole by placing it back within the context in which Arcimboldo lived and painted, including his connection with the House of Habsburg in Central Europe. More generally, the author insists on the allegorical character of Arcimboldo’s paintings, which were accompanied by poems and which referenced the concerns of his patrons, who shared his keen interest in naturalism, botany, rare objects, marvels, and monsters.

Laurence Bertrand Dorléac