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Arts & Societies - Letter of Seminar #102 - Prudence Bidet

Arts & Societies - Letter of Seminar #102 - Prudence Bidet


Prudence Bidet, "The Feminist Albums of Yoko Ono: Ambivalent, Political, and Autobiographical “Things”", Letter of Seminar #102, Arts and Societies, March 26, 2018

Prudence Bidet studies the albums of Yoko Ono, who mixes everything together: music, politics, and autobiography. Less studied than the rest of her creative work, these singular objects, especially her first solo albums, contain strong symbolic charges while displaying her desire for liberation. In her fourth album, in particular, Feeling the Space (1973), she pays homage to women by encouraging them to take action through images, words, and sounds.


Laurence Bertrand Dorléac