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Arts & Societies - Annette Becker

Annette BECKER, professor emeritus at the University of Paris-Nanterre, has published a large number of texts on the two World Wars and on how these wars have been remembered and occluded as well as on how they have been represented, including by the most contemporary artists. Her most recent works are Voir la Grande Guerre, un autre récit (Armand-Colin, 2014) and Messagers du désastre, Raphaël Lemkin, Jan Karski et les génocides (Fayard, 2018).  She runs the Labex project (Presents in the Past) on history museums and “Dark Tourism.”

Arts & Societies - Annette Becker


Annette Becker, "Things in Catastrophe Museums -What sorts of Things?", Arts and Societies #109, 23 Feb. 2019

Annette Becker is known for her fine knowledge of wars and genocides. She is now studying the conditions under which they are being exhibited in museums that have preserved traces thereof. Such museums have become sites of both commemoration and mourning. Especially since the 1990s, a bit everywhere in the world and there, too, things appear as powerful signs of men and women who have disappeared and of what is no longer. And yet, how far can one go in reconstituting historically these minuscule lives pierced by the tragedies of history ?


Laurence Bertrand Dorléac