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Arts & Societies - Anaïs Linares

Anaïs Linares has been a doctoral student in Art History at the University of Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne since the beginning of the 2019 school year. She is writing a dissertation entitled “The Body Movement of Digital Technologies in Twenty-First Century Art,” with Pascal Rousseau as her dissertation supervisor and Antonio Somaini (New Sorbonne University-Paris III) as coadvisor.

Arts & Societies - Anaïs Linares


Anaïs Linares, "Gestures and Digital Technologies", Arts & Societies, #113, 2020/01/02"

Anaïs Linares Anaïs Linares is studying digital practices influenced by the methods of operation that are foreseen by the suppliers of devices, but that, in part, escape their control. An entire body of ethnographic research has taken an interest in gestures pertaining to technical objects that come under the headings “Personal Tactics” and “Digital Plumbing”: users and artists invent new procedures along the lines of what had been noted earlier by Michel de Certeau: consumers are not as passive as they had been foreseen to be.