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Arts and Societies - Letter of Seminar #100 (!) - David Guillet

Arts and Societies - Letter of Seminar #100 (!) - David Guillet


David Guillet, "Things in the Museum: Historical Objects, Memorial Objects, Constructed Objects", Letter of Seminar #100, Arts and Societies, Feb. 5, 2018

Museums are not self-evident entities. David Guillet, who has experience thereof, reflects on the status of things—drawings, for example—whose complexity, materiality, and multiple qualities, as well as their diversity of significations, he wishes to grasp.

He isolates problems without concealing the limits encountered by visitors when offered only a linear path through a museum’s collections. While there is no path to salvation either along the syntagmatic axis or along the thematic axis, he does offer solutions that favor the unfolding of perception. Returning to philosophy (particularly that of Edmund Husserl and that of Walter Benjamin), he highlights the innovative character of certain museum exhibitions.


Laurence Bertrand Dorléac