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The Center for History at Sciences Po (EA 113) is the contemporary history research laboratory of the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques.

Headed by Marc Lazar, the CHSP has existed since late 2004. The Center’s research activities are in line with the research activities of the Center for Twentieth-Century European History, founded in 1984: fundamental research in contemporary history, support for the training of young researchers, conservation and showcasing of private archive collections, and academic publications.

Over the years the laboratory's works have grouped around several broad subjects:

  • States, institutions, societies
  • Wars, conflicts, violence : norms and transgressions, XIXth-XXth centuries
  • Arts, knowledge and culture
  • From local to global: International History and its scales

These research studies are rooted in an approach focusing on multiple time periods; the study of the recent past is only possible if it is viewed in a larger context, such as that of the entire twentieth century. Moreover, it became apparent that an even larger perspective (encompassing the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) was more suitable for such studies and the Center, from then on, has also welcomed research focusing on the nineteenth century.

Professors/researchers at Sciences Po and researchers attached to the Center organize research seminars and develop research projects, bringing together the doctoral students. 

The Center is also a center for contemporary history archives, where about 100 collections of private archives are classified and conserved. Historians benefit from priority access to these collections for the preparation of colloquia and their publications. Doctoral and masters students also have priority for their research and writing their dissertations or theses.

The archives service also welcomes researchers from outside Sciences Po (about 300 each year) who are increasingly interested by the visual richness of these collections, notably in the framework of documentaries, films, or television shows they are preparing.

The Center for History publishes an online peer-review journal, Histoire@politique. Politique, culture, société.