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Research activity

Research project / Corpus Justice – Biographies and Professional Practices in the 20th Century Criminal Justice System

The subjects of psychiatric testimony, mental irresponsibility, psychiatric care for prisoners, the tension between care and punishment in prison systems, and the role of criminology all lie at the heart of recent debates in France on penal policy among criminal justice professionals, researchers, and in the media.

While the 19th century background to this medico-legal debate has been the subject of extensive research, there has been relatively little work on more recent developments. The aim of this seminar is to contribute to a wider understanding of this neglected area by combining the results of new research on the subject with the practice and experience of actors in the French criminal justice system.

The seminar is part of a wider research program, funded by the French Agence nationale de la recherche, called "Science, Knowledge, and the Experience of Imprisonment, 1911-2011."