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Research activity

Governing Scientific Institutions in Metropolitan Context: Exploring Atlantic Cities of Knowledge

In a globalized world, large cities offer a privileged site of observation of the intellectual and political role of science in our societies. If scientific institutions have been widely studied as a sites of production and representation of knowledge, research took less into account the urban scales of scientific activity. In the wake of a new urban history of science, this project will explore the specific metropolitan context in the shaping of modern science. What happens in these new metropolitan areas that are transforming the traditional definition of knowledge centers? Undertaking a political approach of scientific institutions on the long term, from the French Revolution to the present, and in a comparative perspective, invites to articulate the issue of localization of scientific institutions and their political centrality in the government of sciences. Three dimensions will be explored:

- Nationalization of Nature

- Transatlantic Networks of Knowledge and Metropolitan Polarization

-Urban Knowledge and Metropolitan Political Identity