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Research activity

Doctoral and research seminar / States, Knowledge, and Institutions from a Transnational Perspective

This research group conducts research on interactions between institutions, bodies of knowledge, and public policies. Because of the characteristics of the objects of study, the group takes a transnational approach to its work and views its subjects from a long-term perspective (from the modern era until the present). The group will utilize numerous tools from the domains of historiography and contemporary social sciences: the social history of institutions, new intellectual history, economic sociology, anthropology (political anthropology in particular). The ensemble of these tools will serve to study the classic divisions that exist between social, political, and cultural history.
To this end, this research group will continue its studies by teaching a masters/doctorate-level course entitled "L'historiographie in movement: approches contemporaines et débats internationaux" ("Historiography in movement: contemporary approaches and international debates"). Additionally, beginning in 2011, the group will organize international research days focusing on the themes currently being studied. In particular, some of these themes include fiscal revolts (Nicolas Delalande, October 2010) and the interaction between socioeconomic policies and international relations (Paul-André Rosental and Thomas Cayet, Spring 2011).