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Cold War History | 9th European Summer School



07 Sept.   |   08 Sept.   |   09 Sept.



September 7-9, 2017
Sciences Po College
Reims Campus, France

Abandoned - RAF. Stenigot, Lincolnshire, GB.  Copyright Darren Flinders (CC BY-ND 4.0)
Abandoned - RAF. Stenigot, Lincolnshire, GB. Copyright Darren Flinders (CC BY-ND 4.0)


Thursday, September 7

2 p.m.: Registration
2:30-4:10: Session I, Openings

  • Kaete M. O’CONNELL (Temple University, Philadelphia): Food, Peace, and Democracy: Humanitarianism in Postwar Germany
    Discussant: Antonio VARSORi (University of Padua)
  • Bruno SETTIS (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa – Sciences Po): Welfare Capitalism, Democratic Socialism, Atlantic Crossings. The Case of Gino Giugni
    Discussant: N. Piers LUDLOW (LSE)

4:10-4:30: Coffee Break

4:30-6:10: Session II,  Defining the Western Community

  • Alice CIULLA (University of Roma Tre): Spreading Anti-Communism Among Elites: the USIA and the Magazine «Problems of Communism»
    Discussant: Tanya HARMER (LSE)
  • Tom WRAIGHT (University College London), Louis Hartz and Cold War Social Science: The making of a Cold War Liberal
    Discussant: Sarah MILLER-DAVENPORT (University of Sheffield)

Friday, September 8

9:10-10:50: Session III, Going Global

  • Alex FERGUSON (University of Southampton): “The Ablest Man in Southeast Asia”: Nguyen Huu Tri, Ngo Dinh Diem and the U.S. Mission in Indochina, 1950-54
    Discussant: Leopoldo Nuti (University of Roma Tre)
  • Dmitry ASINOVSKIY (European University in Saint-Petersburg), Religion as a revolutionary ideology. The Soviet perception of the role of religion in national liberation movements in the Third world (1950s-1980s)
    Discussant: Roham ALVANDI (LSE)

10.50 - 11.10: Coffee Break

11.10 – 1: Roundtable/ The Cold War and the Global Turn in Historical Studies
Participants: Mario DEL PERO (Sciences Po, CHSP), Tanya HARMER (LSE), N. Piers LUDLOW (LSE), Antonio VARSORI (University of Padua)

1- 2.30: Lunch Break

2:30-4:10: Session IV, The Energy Weapon

  • Corina MAVRODIN (LSE): Courting the non-Aligned: Romania, Petro-Diplomacy and the Global Cold War
    Discussant: Oliver RATHKOLB (University of Vienna)
  • Jun FUJISAWA (Kobe University): The Soviet-Iranian Gas Deal and the Shock of the Iranian Revolution, 1965-1979
    Discussant: Roham ALVANDI (LSE)

4:30-6:10: Session V,  Crossing the Iron Curtain

  • Alan MARIČIĆ (University Of Waterloo, Canada), Breaking Through the Hallstein Doctrine: Berlin, Bonn, and the Non-Aligned Conference in Belgrade, 1961
    Discussant: Eirini KARAMOUZI (University of SHEFFIELD)
  • Philippe VONNARD (Institut des Sciences de la communication, Paris): Crossing the Iron Curtain with the Ball? The European champions clubs’ cup as a bridge between West and East during the Cold War in Europe
    Discussant: Oliver RATHKOLB (University of Vienna)

4:10-4:30: Coffee Break

Saturday, September 9

9:10-10:50: Session VI, The North-South Challenge

  • Ilaria ZAMBURLINI (University of Udine): Development assistance and human rights: the role of the European Community between the United States and the Soviet Union (1968-1978)
    Discussant: N. Piers LUDLOW (LSE)
  • Michael FRANCZAK (Boston College): Human Rights and Basic Needs: Jimmy Carter’s North-South Dialogue, 1977-81
    Discussant: Michele DI DONATO (Sciences Po, CHSP)

10:50-11:10: Coffee Break

11:10-1: Session VII,  Into the 1980s: Ideology and Strategy

  • Manuel DORION-SOULIÉ (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva): Shifting away from Europe? American grand strategy and the Persian Gulf Security Framework, 1979-1980
    Discussant: Mario DEL PERO (Sciences Po, CHSP)
  • Edoardo ANDREONI (University of Cambridge): 1985, The ‘Year of SDI’: Reagan, ‘Star Wars’ and transatlantic relations
    Discussant: Leopoldo NUTI (University of Roma Tre)

1- 2.30: Lunch



Mario Del Pero (Sciences Po, CHSP)
Michele Di Donato (Sciences Po, CHSP)

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