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Between Global Non-Alignment and Economic Development - Debating Communist Yugoslavia





Etienne Peyrat and Rinna Kullaa


Vladimir Unkovski-Korica (University of Glasgow) taught at London School of Economics and at the Moscow National Research University – Higher School of Economics. He is to assume the position of a Lecturer in Legacies of Communism at the University of Glasgow from September 2015. He completed his PhD on ‘Worker’s self-management in the “Yugoslav road to socialism”: Market, mobilisation and political conflict 1948-1962’ at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
The Economic Struggle for Power in Tito's Yugoslavia: From World War II to Non-Alignment by Vladimir Unkovski-Korica, I.B.Tauris, 320 p.

Rinna Kullaa (Academy of Finland/Centre d'histoire de Sciences Po) est chercheure en histoire contemporaine et en relations internationales, elle travaille sur l'influence russe/soviétique en Méditerrannée, sur les problèmes politiques et la construction actuelle de la politique étrangère européenne.
Rinna Kullaa, chef de projet Rusmed 2015-2020, est professeure invitée au Centre d'histoire de Sciences Po jusqu'à fin 2016.
Non-Alignment and its Origins in Cold War Europe: Yugoslavia, Finland and the Soviet Challenge (International Library of Twentieth Century History) by Rinna Kullaa, IB Tauris, 356 p.