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Research activity

Justina Smalkyte

Ph. D student


Justina Smalkyte holds a double MA in European History from Paris Diderot University and Humboldt University of Berlin and a BA in History from Vilnius University. Her Master's thesis, funded by the
MIEM USPC program, investigated gender in visual and textual Holocaust representations in post-1990 Lithuanian memorials, cinema and literature.

Since 2018 she is a PhD candidate at the Center of History at Sciences Po where she is preparing a dissertation on gender and ethnicity in anti-Nazi resistance movements in German-occupied Lithuania
(1941-1944). Her research concerns social identities, roles and lived experiences of the individuals, who belonged to multiple ethno-political groups that oposed the Nazi regime in the Generalbezirk

Selective bibliography

Conference papers and publications

“Re-conceptualizing the 'Sacred' and the 'Secular': A Case Study of Same- Sex Marriage in Denmark”, coauthored with Lea Brinkgaard and Farhad Mirza, the Berlin Historical Review, special issue:
“Community and Faith: A Social History of Religion in Modern Societies” ( publication 2019-2020).

“Anti-Semitism, Multiple Identities and Gendered Power Structures in the Communist Resistance in German-occupied Lithuania: An Intersectional Perspective”, Research Workshop: Jewish Experiences
and the Holocaust in the Soviet Union
, 5-16 August 2019, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

“Ethnicity, Gender and Multidirectional Violence: A Case Study of the Formation of the Local Force (Vietine Rinktine) in German-occupied Lithuania (February-May 1944)”, Conference: Reshaping the
Nation: Collective Identities and Post-War Violence in Europe 1944–48
, 16-17 May 2019, Charles University in Prague.

“Memory of the Holocaust in Lithuania: Between National, Regional and European Memories” GRACEH 2017 (Graduate Conference in European History): Beyond Established Narratives? New
Approaches to European History from Early Modern Times to the Present
, 27 – 29 April 2017, the European University Institute in Florence.

“Holocaust Memory in Lithuania: A Gender Perspective”, Graduate Conference: Rethinking Gender in Historical Research, 4-7 September 2016, Drosendorf, Austria.