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Research activity

Victor Louzon-Benrekassa

Associated Researcher

Doctoral student

2014-2015: Fulbright Visiting Student & Fox Fellow at Yale University

2013-2014: 3rd year of PhD at Sciences Po

- Fall 2013: research stay at the National Chengchi University (Taipei)

2012-2013: 2nd year of PhD at Sciences Po
- December 2012-January 2013: research stay in Taipei

Since 2012: teaching at Sciences Po:
- History of modern political ideologies (undergraduates, 2nd year).
- History of 19th century (freshmen introduction course)

2011-2012: 1st year of PhD at Sciences Po
- Fall 2011: visiting student at Qinghua University, Beijing

2010-2011: history and geography teacher at the senior highschool Arago (Paris 12th district) 

2010: agrégation d’histoire (highly competitive national exam in history). National rank: 1st.

2009: Sciences Po Paris: M.A. in Modern Political History and Thought, specializing in History. M.A. Dissertation: Peasants and mediums: Mass Spirit Possession during the Boxer Uprising, China, 1899-1900 (magna cum laude)

2009: National Institute of Eastern Languages and Civilizations (INalCO), Paris: B.A. in Eastern Languages and Civilizations, specializing in Chinese (cum laude)

2005-2006: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Department of Asian Studies

2003: high school diploma, specializing in social sciences (magna cum laude)

Selective bibliography

“Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese irredentism: is the ‘one country, two systems’ principle a dead-end?” Noria Research (forthcoming
“From Japanese Soldiers to Chinese Rebels: War Experience and Remobilization during the 1947 Taiwanese Rebellion” (submitted to the Journal of Asian Studies, under review)

“Who is Chinese? Voices in Hong Kong and Taiwan Reveal Deep Cultural Divide”, Yale Global Online, November 6th 2014 (translated into Chinese and French)

In Dictionnaire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (Robert Laffont publishing house) (forthcoming), articles:
- “ La bataille de Xuzhou ”
- ” Han Fuju ”
- “ Zhang Zizhong ”
- “ L’armée chinoise ”
- “ Les pertes chinoises ”
- “ De la guerre mondiale à la guerre civile ”
- “ Yan’an ”
- “ Li Zongren ”
- “ Le Juntong ”

Review of What Remains (Tobie Meyer-Fong) for La Vie des Idées (Books and Ideas) (December 2014)

Chapter “China and the world since 1949” published in an official French senior high school textbook (scientific curriculum) (2013)

Chapter “China and the world since 1919” published in an official French senior high school textbook (social sciences and literature curriculum) (2012)

Other activities

Spring 2014 & spring 2015: graduate seminar Colonial and Imperial Violence in the Modern Era at Sciences Po (organizer)

May 2014: presentation at Cambridge University (Cambridge): “From Japanese Soldiers to Chinese Rebels: War Experience and Remobilization during the 1947 Taiwanese Rebellion”

Spring 2014: massive open online courses (history) for two French television channels

February 2014: presentation at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris) : “Militarismes imaginaires: l’armée dans l’Etat républicain chinois”.

January 2014: historical advisor for the exhibition “Fifty years of Sino-French relations” (Fondation Charles de Gaulle/Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, Beijing & Shanghai).

September 2013: presentation at the Centre d’études français sur la Chine contemporaine (Taipei): “Les événements du 28 février 1947 : ultime bataille de la guerre sino-japonaise ?”

June 2013: presentation at the Central European University (Budapest): “The 228 in Taiwan – a French colonial paradigm for Chinese political violence?”

October 2012: presentation at the university of Paris 1 Sorbonne: “Les Huns et les fanatiques: mission civilisatrice et mauvaise conscience française pendant la guerre des Boxeurs”.

April 2011: presentation at the Ecole Normale Supérieure : “De la lutte des classes à la “civilisation”: une mutation idéologique post-maoïste.”

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