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Archive collections

Workshops on the Archives and the History of Sciences Po

The workshops about the Center’s archives and the history of Sciences Po were created to allow researchers studying the history of Sciences Po or similar topics, archivists who organized the archive collections, those who helped compile these collections as well as everyone who is interested in the history of Sciences Po to meet one another.

Our objective is to study the memory of the school, notably from such collections as those of L’Ecole libre des sciences politiques, André Siegfried, Jacques Chaspal, Jean Touchard, François Goguel, Serge Hurtig, Claude Jourdan, Jean-Pierre Millot, etc. and to contribute to the writing of the institution’s history.

Person in charge of the worksh: Dominique Parcollet, in charge of the Contemporary History Archives

Atelier 1
Introduction to the ateliers

November 27, 2007
-Presentation of sources: archive collections, bibliographies, photographs
-Launching of research areas and of the collection of complementary documents (such as photographs)
-Call for personal accounts

Workshop 2
"Mai 68 à Sciences Po"

May 20, 2008
Led by Jean-François Sirinelli
-Introduction by Emmanuel Dreyfus: L’IEP de Paris sans université, la conquête de l’autonomie
-Presentation by Emmanuelle Loyer, professor at the IEP: Sciences Po face aux événements de mai-juin 1968 : de l’injonction révolutionnaire au devenir technocratique
-Accounts by Alfred Grosser (professor at Sciences Po in 1968) and Bruno Rémond (student at the IEP in 1968)
-Projection of photos by Claude Jourdan: "1968 : Sciences Po à Nanterre" and by Guy Michelat: Mai 1968, 27 rue Saint Guillaume

Workshop 3
"La bibliothèque de l’Ecole libre des Sciences politiques, 1871-1945"

December 4, 2008
-Presentation by Marie-Edith Semence (head librarian at Sciences Po’s library)

Workshop 4
"Les premiers dirigeants de l’Ecole libre des sciences politiques"

May 28, 2009
-Emile Boutmy, by Hervé Guettard
-Emile Boutmy, art historian by Dominique Jarrassé

-Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, by Huguette le Béguec
-Albert Sorel, by Pascal Cauchy
-Eugène d’Eichthal, by Hervé Le Bret

Workshop 5
"Les Femmes et Sciences Po"

May 28, 2009
Led by Christine Bard
-Presentation by Janine Mossuz-Lavau
-Discussion with Juliette Rennes

-Accounts by Françoise de Tarde, épouse Bergeret and by Léone Georges-Picot, épouse Nora
-Projection of photographs

Workshop 6
"Sciences Po et les conflits, 1914-1918 et 1939-1945"

June 23, 2010
Led by Philip Nord
-Presentation by Charles Ridel and Jean-Pierre Azéma

-Account by Jacques Guettard, student at the ELSP from 1943 to 1946
-Evocation of Jean-Pierre Michelin, student at the ELSP from 1938 to 1942, died in Corsica in 1942, by Ghislaine Fau
-Projection of photographs