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Intellectuals and Politics: From Sartre to Podemos

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Intellectuals and Politics: from Sarte to Podemos

Drawing on examples of his own work and that of his research team, Patrick Baert will be introducing his distinctive methodological approach for studying the political interventions of leading public intellectuals in Europe. He will illustrate his new perspective on politics and intellectuals with the help of two case-studies. The first study attempts to explain the sudden rise of Jean-Paul Sartre’s as a public intellectual in the post-war French context. The second case-study explores the peculiar link between Carl Schmitt and Podemos in contemporary Spain. Towards the end of his talk Baert will reflect on historical shifts in types of public intellectual.

Patrick Baert’s talk is based on his book The Existentialist Moment; The Rise of Sartre as a Public Intellectual (Cambridge: Polity Press 2015), and his co-authored books Conflict in the Academy; A Case-Study in the Sociology of Intellectuals (with Marcus Morgan, Palgrave 2015), The Sociology of Intellectuals; After ‘The Existentialist Moment’ (with Simon Susen, Palgrave 2017), The Dark Side of Podemos? Carl Schmitt’s Shadow in Progressive Populism (with Josh Booth, Routledge 2018).

Patrick Baert is Professor of Social Theory at the University of Cambridge and he is Visiting Professor at Sciences Po-CEE.