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Research activity

Ph. D Program

The doctoral school at Sciences Po offers a doctoral program in History. In addition to this program, Sciences Po offers a doctoral curriculum called "Discipline Plus".  A doctoral thesis in History may be completed in five years.

Since 2009, the masters in research in History has been fully integrated with the doctoral curriculum. It crowns the first two years of study and is the diploma needed to pursue a thesis; it also testifies to the student's aptitude for research. Students in this program are followed by a tutor throughout the course of their studies-- more specifically, in the development of their research dissertations.

The goal of the instruction during the first two years of study is to allow the students to master the knowledge and methods of their chosen discipline. Starting in their third year, the students may participate in research work in laboratories; the strongest students have the option of taking on a temporary teaching position at Sciences Po.

The doctoral seminar:
Led by Marc Lazar and Jean-François Sirinelli, the doctoral seminar in History is of an interactive nature. It allows doctoral students to advance in their research and in the forming and writing of their theses. The seminar thus encourages doctoral students to voice their thoughts and group discussions about multiple questions that the students have about their problématiques, their sources, and the writing of their theses.

This seminar is mandatory for first-year doctoral students and is strongly recommended for those who are in their second and third years of study. 

The seminar is also open to second-year masters students in research in History and Political Theory and in International Relations, as well as to first-year students in the doctoral program in History (M1) who wish to attend the sessions.

Other research seminars have been organized; for more information, please see the specialized research seminars and applied doctoral training.