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L'activité scientifique

Luca Falciola



After a High school diploma in Classical studies, I obtained a BA in Political science and International relations at the Catholic University of Milan (2005), with a paper about the concept of destruction in the Nazi politics (Delenda est. The Projects of Destruction of the Nazism). In 2005 I spent my semester abroad at Sciences Po in Paris (Erasmus exchange program) and in 2007 I obtained a MA in International Relations and European Integration at the Catholic University of Milan (110/110 with honours). My final dissertation - Elements for a Political and Institutional History of Romania during the Communism, directed by Paolo Colombo – was an attempt to a historical reconstruction of the institutional framework of Romania, especially during Ceausescu's time, and it was based on field researches.

Between 2007 until today, I have been teaching assistant to courses “Contemporary history” and “History of Political institutions” at the Catholic university of Milan.

I just concluded my PhD thesis, co-directed by Marc Lazar and Paolo Colombo. The research - The 1977 Uprising in Italy and the Institutional Policing of Protest - is a preliminary historiographical analysis of the cycle of protest which spread out in Italy in the second half of Seventies. Its objective is twofold. On one hand rebuilding a coherent and realistic picture of the phenomenon under analysis, adopting insider sources of the movement and chronicles. On the other hand, it aims at integrating the institutional variable in the study of the protest, in order to verify to which extent the State can be held responsible for the mobilization processes and, especially, for the radicalization of the social conflict. The analysis is centered on the action of the ministry of Interior and based on records from State archives. The Italian policing of protest is also compared to the case study of France during the first years after May 68.

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